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VITO DESIGN USA proudly partners with SpecOps Hand Tools to develop best in class tools for our Professional user.

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Revolutionary CPR AID


VITO DESIGN USA proudly presents CPR Aid for Rithem Life Sciences

The AED Reimagined


VITO DESIGN USA proudly presents The JoltzAED, the world's most portable and affordable Automated External Defibrillator

RAM-5 Chiller Tube Cleaner


VITO DESIGN USA proudly presents GOODWAY | RAM Series that features a sleek modern design, improved portability, and intuitive controls.

Pest Control Lineup


VITO DESIGN USA proudly presents Black & Decker | Pest Control Lineup that features a sleek modern design


Product Design & Development

Have an idea? We have the skills and experience to bring it to life. Need to revitalize an existing product? Together we can identify the best options to update, optimize and get back to its full potential. From concept development and 2d ideation all the way to 3d surfacing and prototyping. we are experts in the design process.

3D Surfacing & Prototyping

Whether looking for some quick surfacing iterations of a concept to determine design directions or complex 3d surface files for evaluation of mechanisms or functionality. We provide a balanced approach observing both design and manufacturing principles, ensuring the best possible result. In addition, whether using 3d printed or rough hand models, we offer the ability to prototype your designs to test proof of concept, validate designs and functional intent before production, reducing risk, time and cost.

Brand Development

Your brand is your face to the world. It conveys who you are to your consumer, and every aspect of your business including your product should convey that same story. We help to develop, document and deploy a brand standard consisting of textures, logo treatments, color and form for products that supports the brand message. With time and consistent application paired with exceptional products, brand becomes recognizable and enhances value.

Brainstorm and Ideation Workshops for Companies

Ideas come from everywhere. Often a great way to identify potential new product categories, products and features (or to start a program) is with a tightly facilitated Ideation session utilizing internal and external experts to explore both broad opportunities and well-defined problems. These sessions result in a document with a filtered list of potential funnel projects that can be tested with end users. We offer this ability either at your location or in our studio.

Amazon Sellers!

Amazon has provided new opportunities for countless companies and innovators. This new access to markets has also resulted in a flood of products with little differentiation. In addition to VITO Design’s abilities and experience in developing successful and distinctive products for the Amazon Marketplace, We also offer several services to help enhance your listing from photography to photo-real 360 degree renderings of your products. That picture really is worth 1,000 words.

Our well-known Clients from all over the world!


Mastering state of the art technologies

Our Experience

Our 30 years combined experience, backed by dozens of patents and multiple international design awards are great reasons to consider ViTo Design USA. Beyond this, however is our commitment to understanding consumers’ needs, leveraging the potential of manufacturing, utilization of emerging technologies, and understanding the power of brand. We work each day to integrate these priorities into each project from concept through to manufacturing and beyond.

Unique Design Philosophy

We understand that each client’s needs are unique and that while some require complete product development program others may only need concept development support. We work to understand the client’s project and tailor a solution that caters to your needs. Ultimately our success is linked to your success. Our goal is to not to let a good idea sit on a shelf from a proposal gone amuck.

Extended Network

Over time we have developed a network of global and domestic partner-providers supporting specialized capabilities including engineering, marketing, research and manufacturing. Depending upon the project and client needs we can seamlessly leverage these capabilities.

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